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Client:Ball State University Pride of Mid–America
Date:October 2007

Ball State University Pride of Mid-America Website

Work Performed

The existing website served as an online communication tool/message board, allowing the Ball State University Pride of Mid–America marching band to keep informed on rehearsal dates, times, rehearsal materials, assignments, and other organizational practices, procedures, and responsibilities. Because the existing website was static–html driven, a complication arose in always requiring a student familiar with HTML markup to make manual updates to the site's pages.

This updatability issue was fixed through a renovation and re–design of the site's infrastructure. The Joomla CMS (Content Management System) framework was installed and themed with a custom template designed specifically for the organization, allowing the director and any student with editing privileges to make updates to the site with no prior knowledge of HTML. A login system was also implemented to grant members access to private materials.