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Acme Tools Commerce Re-design

Acme Tools is one of the premier retailers of tools and equipment with some of the largest and first-class showrooms in the nation. With ten locations in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, Acme Tools has served the contractor, woodworker and do-it-yourselfer with a wide selection of tools and equipment from all the major manufacturers.

Work Performed

Acme Tools consulted BlueSky to re-design and implement their online eCommerce store to IBM's v7 store platform. I was responsible for providing design comps of the new site, the front-end implementation (HTML & CSS) and also assisted the company with solidifying their branding.

Some unique features of the new site included a hosted font solution (WebINK), CSS sprites, icon fonts, a CSS-only dropdown menu, category icons rather than category images, and a highly–customized product detail page and checkout flow.