Ball State Christian Campus House Café Renovation thumbnail
Client:Ball State Christian Campus House Café Renovation
Date:June 2010

Christian Campus House Café Sketches

Work Performed

During the same time as the stage renovation, the staff and student body also desired to transform the current building's lobby into a small café that would remain open in the evenings to serve coffee and other drinks to university students. I assisted in the planning, development, and design renovations of the cafe. The cafe contains elements of the original design, however some changes were made due to budget constraints.

All drawings were created to scale in a 3D computer-aided design program (CAD) and then imported into a software used to apply textures and material to the model's faces. Points of light were added into the environment and the virtual environment was then rendered for several hours to produce photo–realistic drawings of the new space. These photos were then presented to the board and staff for approval.