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Client:Ball State Christian Campus House
Date:August 2010

Christian Campus House Branding & Web Design

The Christian Campus House is a Christian non–profit organization dedicated to promoting Christianity at Ball State University. Central to their work is developing a Christian community of students who study, worship, and serve God together. It is a ministry that reaches out to the students and meets them where they are.

Work Performed

The ministry's existing logo was re–designed to help label this student ministry on Ball State University's secular college campus. Design work was started in Adobe Photoshop and later completed in Adobe Illustrator. The organization ended up settling on another logo design created by a student intern so these editions were not used.

The Christian Campus House desired to have a new website created because their existing website design was outdated and not easily navigable. A new design and concept was created in Adobe Photoshop and tailored towards college students. The site was to be animated upon page load and menus were to be created as drop–downs by using the JQuery library.

The new design was never coded to JQuery and HTML as the site design was not approved by the student leaders of this organization for various headstrong reasons.